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Southern New Jersey Mandolin / Acoustic guitarist seeking singer/songwriters for contemporary country or folk ensemble. Small acoustic jam sessions for the sake of fun or recording is my primary goal.

16+ years fingerpicking acoustic guitar. Not looking for professionals that seek money for their passion. Mandolin is a relatively new instrument for me, but I took to it like a fish takes to water. I love using the mandolin as an accent instrument for other recordings and players. I plan on having it in my hands for 90 percent of the time.

My equipment includes: Fender f53 Acoustic mandolin, Alvarez 6-steel string acoustic. Also, I have a pro-tools® workstation and an iso booth for recording acoustic instruments. The list of equipment in the post studio is too long to mention here. You name it, I've got it. It consists of an Avid post workstation and a Peavy Mixing Console that goes straight to digital. Once there, we can do anything with effects and mixing - up to one million tracks. Can cut directly to CD, DAT or MP3. Enough about all this, I just wanna play my mandolin without electricity.
My Influences

There are many. I love James Taylor, Diamond Rio, Bering Strait, etc. However, contemporary country (New country) has hit me like a brick. I'd really like to jam with others who share the same style and influences. Anything melodic with a taste of "down home" sounds great. Im not closed to ballads and romantics. I love upbeat as well. Know your instrument, know your voice - then know me. Lets jam.
What do I want out of this?

I'd love to find a few local musicians that play at or near my level for the sake of fun and small performances (parties, bar-b-ques, etc.). I'd also like to eventually start a camp-jam where several musicians get together and hop from campfire to campfire and play along with one another. Im really tired of playing with egos and beginners. Im also trying to steer clear of musicians that studied theory in college for umpteen years - they sometimes try to suck the fun out of everything. I'd love to see a good singer/guitarists with a good amount of experience join me in this acoustic adventure. Making music that soothes the ears really makes me a happy camper. Remember, Im doing this for fun and amazement. I'd evenutally like to perform elsewhere, but without electricity - I feel that the best gigs are those that are simple and without complication. (Besides, I hated having to pay the sound guy!)
Location and Contact

I am located in Atco, NJ - exactly halfway between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Im about 28 minutes outside either city - this should open up some doors. Feel free to email me at anytime - or call the studio at 856-719-0273 during business hours.

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Dec 31, 1969
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How do you like that Alvarez? Do you have one of the all solid wood models or laminate? I've been looking for a new mid-level acoustic, but I can't seem to find anything I really like for under $800. I'll probably wind up building one. I recently built an electric which I absolutely love.

I'm not a very accomplished guitar player, and play mostly electric blues/rock, so you probably wouldn't want to jam with me, although the gearhead in me would love to get a look at your studio. I've got a very low-budget (and now aging) home studio setup, running Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.