Sewer reform in Vermont and it's good and bad points


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Sep 17, 2002

I vacation each year in rural Vermont in the Northeast Kingdom near Canada, and the small town has a local newspaper that publishes out of a house on a side street in town. It is called the Chronicle which publishes weekly and they have their top stories online. One of the TWO top stories talks about the problems that the private homeowners are having since Vermont passed a sewer reform bill last year making it harder and much more expensive to sell their home or divide up their property, much like property owners in the pinelands.

If you are interested, the other top story is an interesting but sad story of a a missing person with two small kids from Kentucky, a john doe found buried in 1985 in the next town from where I vacation, and the recent proof that they are one in the same. The wife of the victim was able to identify him from a website for unidentified bodies.