Sleigh Bell In July


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Sep 17, 2002

Our goal today was to cross the Tulpehocken to explore on the other side near a location far south of Carranza that we visited in the last month. It is far from any real road and hard to get to. We walked a mile and when we arrived we saw the pond ahead made by beavers where we wanted to cross. Things looked bleak.


Almost there.


We finally made it to the beaver dam and realized we could walk the mud and sticks all along the edge to reach our goal. Take notice of the the mud along the edges where we walked.



It took quite a while to traverse the complete edge of the pond and when we got to the other side of the Tulp I realized this was an exploration to do myself. So we started back walking the edge of the mud and while doing so I looked down and there in the mud surrounded by sticks was an old bronze sleigh bell. At least I think it is bronze. The beavers had dug it out of the mud and placed it there for me to find. We placed it in Jessica's hiking bag and looked it over after arriving home. I am pretty certain this one is quite old.



And the ball is still inside it.


Many of the bells I see online have numbers on the very end but this one does not. The design on it matches many of them but it is minus the numbers. It has some sort of paint or coating on it but it is really hard to tell what it is. It looks well used.