Soggy Burlington County

M1 Abrams

May 4, 2023
Burlington County
I spent a couple days with family in Lumberton. On my way back home yesterday, it seemed worthwhile to stop and check on water at a few local sites.

At Smithville, there was precious little difference in depth between the two sides of the dam.
Smithville dam.png

It was no shock to find some flooding at Lumberton.
Lumberton_flooding by house.png

In Vincentown, by Trinity Episcopal Church, there wasn't much room left for water under Mill Street.
Vincentown Trinity Ep Ch.png

At Kirby's Mill, along with the excess of water, I also discovered a dead beaver along the side of the road. It was the first I had seen hit by a vehicle.
2024_03_24_Kirby's Mill.png

Medford was good and soggy too. Fortunately, I had my boots with me in the car. The water was up just past my ankles in front of the footbridge.
Medford water blocking footbridge.png

An aquabench
Medford aquabench.png

On the other side of Stokes Road, the path that runs behind Park View Cemetery was good and flooded.
Medford flooded path toward Park View Cem.png

Medford mud ripples
Medford mud ripples.png

In addition to Rancocas Creek, I also took a look at the Mullica across 206 from Atsion Lake, down at the boat launch by Atsion Furnace. The water had filled that little gully in the driveway. There was still plenty of water left to go zipping down the river with alacrity.
Mullica near launch pt by Atsion Furnace.png

This is looking east from 206. There was too much Mullica to fit into the picture.
Mullica looking E on 206 across from Atsion Lake.png
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Sep 17, 2002
The dead beaver issue is occurring at Whitesbog and other places. I saw some posts about it on Facebook. I wonder if something is causing that?
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Feb 20, 2004
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Beavers do get displaced by flooding events, but they also start dispersing in early spring because they are getting booted out of their lodges. It's time for them to find new digs and start their own home. Very similar to our black bear.

After having successfully snared two this year and eaten the meat for the first time, I am hooked. Best meat of any game animal you will ever have. It's like the best roast beef you ever tasted, only better. :)