Some rare feathered visitors are at Forsythe

I spent the day bird watching recently at Forsythe in Galloway and got to see a couple of birds who rarely come this far south: the Roseate Spoonbill and American Avocet. Beautiful! I also saw many Great and Snowy Egrets, some cormorants, a Glossy Ibis, and a Diamondback Terrapin. The green heads were awful, though. I drove the Wildlife Drive loop and had to keep my windows closed. They were bombarding my Jeep.

Here are some photos. There are more in my post on my Beach and Barrens blog.



Roseate spoonbill??! In NJ!?
And an avocet? These are amazeballs!
Apparently, the avocet is more frequently seen at times, but this is not its typical range. I've made quite a few visits to Forsythe this year and had some really cool encounters. My favorite so far was when a bald eagle I was photographing got curious about my camera and hovered over me. I also have a blog post about that with a link to a bunch of photos.

Here's one of my favorite shots from that day.
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