Sorden Family


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Mar 22, 2010
Here is the second property the Sorden's owned including John Sorden. This one is located in remote woods without roads today leading to it.

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They owned the section below the yellow line.

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The actual location is here. It is owned by the State of New Jersey.
Guy, thank you for all of your efforts in trying to solve this puzzle. We will be in this area next weekend and we'll see how close we can get.

Don Catts

Aug 5, 2012
Indian Mills

I know this is an old tread, but I am posting this just to put closure on it for anyone searching for the Sorden homestead in the future.

Mary Ann Swift contacted me through the Indian Mills historical Society hoping to find the location of her great grandfather John H. Sorden's farm house. I checked the 1880 federal census record and found him. I recognized his neighbor as folks I know lived on Dingletown Road back then. I called some of my old timer friends from Dingletown and one of them not only knew where the house was but he owns and lives there. According to the township tax records it was built in 1875. Below are now and then pictures of the house. The two big trees in the old picture were still there until hurricane Sandy blew them both over a few years ago.

sorden house original-001.jpg

John H. Sorden house-001.jpg