Stone bridge on the Mullica

Oct 25, 2006
Imo,what you two people have done for this website far outweighs what some irresponsible,idiotic morons did to ace,you both trusted and wanted to share your love of the pines,you both trusted,and it was not given in return by immature people,guilt should be on the the jo's,i am proud of both of you.


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Sep 17, 2002
On Friday we took our third paddle on the Mullica this year from the canoe landing just above Batsto to Crawleys Landing. It's always a facinating trip, be it nature or observing what humans have done to their side of the river.

We've never done this section at such low water, and provided an opportunity to see old bulkheads, from wood and metal, to transmission and other car parts, holding up the bank.

I was also supprised to find out what was holding up an old stone bridge located here:

<link removed>

I am assuming it was a bridge as there is a similar structure on the other side of the river. I don't think the span was stone.

The bottom of the stone wall is supported by a wooden board supported by wood posts. I brightened the pictures all I could.

You can drive to it, but have to bushwack the last 100 ft because the road is over grown.

And let's not ignore the othed side of the river:



Bringing back this old post because I believe Beck discusses this bridge slightly on page 280 in Jersey Genesis. If you have that book check it out.