Sunshine Lakes, Voorhees, NJ - 1939

My grandmother had some pictures from when she used to go to the Sunshine Lakes in Voorhees. They were popular with folks from Philly, who would go out there in the summer to relax. Similar to Kirkwood Lake, Lions Lake, and Kresson Lake, all in the same general area.


It seems odd to me that many folks wouldn't dream of swimming in a lake anymore, but it was the thing to do until only a few decades ago.

It almost goes without saying that these lakes are now surrounded by condos.

Found that someone had shared the memories online of the lake -

Put the rest of the up here -


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Sep 17, 2002
I went there all the time as a kid with my mom, brother and the neighbors.
I read some of her essays, they're all very well done. Sadly for us, she spent much more time in Pennsylvania than New Jersey.

As I have time (not easy with a toddler and an infant), I'll go through my grandmother's pictures some more. I know she has some from Clementon Park from the 1930s, and from the Mummers Parade during the Depression when she helped make the costumes one year.
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Mar 27, 2014
That is cool. I had no idea about that lake. Several years back, I had a customer that lived on the south western corner of those lakes. He offered to let me take one of his one man submersibles out on the lake. I'm a bit claustrophobic so I declined.
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