Oct 14, 2009
Little Egg Harbor
I know this is not the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to put this out there.... I have a couple of 1800's bibles belonging to the Swain family from Cape May County. Their family history goes back to the 1700's in them. I have tried to find a member of the family to love these books, but couldn't do it. If anyone knows where I can find a site like this for that area, please let me know. There are ties to families in Wildwood (Dare and James families) and even a letter from the US Congress confirming one of the ladies was the first woman to vote in a general election! It's a shame to let it just sit in my house..


Jan 5, 2009
Richland, NJ
You might want to read the Journal of Rev. Richard Swain, transcribed and edited by Robert Bevis Steelman, Old First United Methodist Church, West Long Branch, NJ, January 12, 1977, 37 p. It's been a while since Rev. Steelman and I were in touch (2005), but I will try to track him down. His brother Jim was very active at the Atlantic County Historical Society (or whatever it's called today). An engineer himself, Jim retraced the old Long-A-Coming trail to much accuracy. We placed the family at the Steelman Plantation near the Custard Castle by 1706 – I argue Mays Landing's postcontact founders – predating May or Iliff by decades. But he was Swedish, so that doesn't count!

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Oct 14, 2009
Little Egg Harbor
Thanks Rednek. I will!
Mark- this belonged to Anna (of George and Anna). Her Grandmother was a Swain. When Anna moved, she just left everything. I got to go through the house before George sold it. I thought these were too valuable to be left behind.

So was Swainton named for this family?