The big purge


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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
At my tender age, I've started to make sure my pants have some stretch in the waistband when I buy them. Surprisingly, it seems more manufacturers of pants realize this, as they are including stretch waistbands on most of their pants. It might be an American thing. I attribute it to beer.

Anyway, over the past few years, my vanity has caused me to buy a lot of pants without said stretch band, so I must turn them over to goodwill.

Before I do, if you wear a waist of 32 or 33" with a length of 30", I have 16 pair of casual, jean, and dress pants I could give you if interested. Most were either never worn, or worn just once or twice. Dockers, Lee, Nautica are some of the names.

PM me if interested.........bob


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Sep 17, 2002
I wore 30 x 30 up until I was almost 30 years old. I am now wearing 34 x 32.
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