There’s something for everyone in the Black Run Preserve in Marlton

I absolutely love this place. Since the babies showed up, it's hard to get out to the Pine Barrens like I'd like to. Black Run has been a gift. It's only minutes from where my Scout troop meets, but gives me a taste of what I'd get on a much longer trip out to a place like Chatsworth.

And the trash is getting better, my old roommate went back there last week and cleaned out the bottles from one of the party spots.

One of my Assistant Scoutmasters is working with the folks at REI to develop an orienteering course out there, I can't wait for that.


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Mar 27, 2014
I ride my bike here at least 3 times a week. Pitching in when I can. There is still some clean up to do but it's mostly some illegal dumping in a couple areas. It is much cleaner than it was.

That was a pretty good write up describing the marked trails. It's really starting to get popular this spring. It's nice to see people getting out in the woods. This spot is a real gem for those of us that live nearby.
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More pictures and trail info -


Aug 18, 2015
Atco NJ
Was out here this morning doing the new(er?) 5k trail. My 1st time there... very nice, didn't see any trash. The 5k isnt on the map but is marked very well along the way. Seen a few people walking and one biker.