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Feb 6, 2003
Winslow, NJ
John Blanda, long time piney, also owner of has taken over this site. He tells me he has great things in mind over the next year or so to improve the site.

Im excited that someone will be dedicating the time to really spark up the site.

It was fun chatting with all of you, and if you ever need me, just contact me at

Robert Blanda
The Pine Barrens Website


Dec 31, 1969
Oh, so someone challenges environmental extremists and you want to abridge free speech. Unlike another webmaster, this one doesn't kick posters off just because they challenge, and satirize, the elitist environmentalist priesthood. Different views and substantive debate are good, as are voices that are unflitered by sources that have an agenda. Like Henry Ford, who said you can have any color car as long as it's black, liberals believe in free speech and long as it's in lock-step with their view. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, who left after the Eco Clowns took over, said that before they came, Greenpeace had some radical ideas in the sense that it went against the grain of popular thought, but he and others used science and honest, open debate on environmental issues, and, unlike the leftovers from groups from government programs during the 80's, where not leftists. And as Dr. Moore pointed out, many people today agree with the more reasonable elements of the earlier environmental movement. There are some people in this country who think that what they say or do should not be scrutinized, challenged, and like the priests of old, don't have to be held accountable.

I realize that I sometimes stray from the subject of the Pine Barrens, 'though national subjects apply to it. I plan to tie it in more and also address the Pine Barrens more directly. I also should post about other subjects in the Pine Barrens, such as places to visit, etc.

I'm looking foward to more folks sharing their view and experiences about the Jersey Pine Barrens.