Today's outing


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Sep 17, 2002

This afternoon my daughters and I went exploring near route 72 and 539 not far from Warren Grove. I was trying to find out what was at a location that shows building on the map at My quest for that building that I have a photo of is continuing, and this was one of my many stops. I will eventually hit every one shown on the map at

This shows the location on They are directly below the target symbol.

Well, obviously from the below photo's, it is not the place. It was a small gun club.

My youngest daughter getting to the bottom of it... :grin:

We then traveled to the Warren Grove FAA radio tower by the same road we traveled on the outing of Bob and I, and then we went to the drop zone.

This proves that a digital camera needs a tripod when fully zoomed. That building is quite large!

And I can't believe I missed this the last time we were there, but within 30 feet of the place where Bob showed us that might contain a dead body, was the BOMB.