Unfortunate Sea Turtle


Sep 7, 2005
Greetings All,
I was walking the Boulevard's End Beach which I have been doing every Saturday Eve for quite awhile now.
I need it very much as it restores my mind (As best as can be restored)
Last night I ran into this poor dude.
A good bit larger than the top of a 55 gallon drum.
My best guess looking at the wiped out rear shell (Shattered) damage, the poor thing likely came up into a boat prop. No one's fault really. Just sad. Depending on boat/prop size, the craft might have suffered as well.
Nothing a good mechanic and some $$$ cannot fix.
Isn't it funny what man can fix and come back from that sometimes nature just doesn't have the option of
I thought while looking how very old this Denizen of an unlimited and vast a world as the sea could be.
How so very much of the world was happening up above while it lived it's preprogramed and simple existence.
how many wonders had it seen you know?
Was it capable of marveling and wondering or did it just take in stride what life gave to it every day.
Whichever the case I'll never know the depths of this creature but I would like think there was Joy.
That at some point or another it had known Joy.
Thank You so very much for reading and take the time to get acquainted with Joy.

** Please excuse the images as I never realized till later that the lens must have been clouded **
They're a kinda backwards and fuzzy,,


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Sep 17, 2002
I always enjoy your writing. You are the best on this site with your thoughts. Clearly!