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Jul 31, 2004
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Here's a new companion to the Legacy 24k and Historic 62k maps - the USGS 2023 Digital Topo. But it's actually just a local copy of the new USGS Topo that is available directly from USGS servers. However, this new map should load much faster since it's locally hosted on the boydsmaps server. I have put it at the top of the map menu, so it's easy to bounce back and forth between the new and old topo maps for reference.

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 5.53.14 PM.png

This new map extends the coverage area West to Indianapolis and includes all of Ohio plus most of Michigan and Indiana. I'm currently working on an update to the USGS 24k Legacy Topo with about 1700 new quadrangles that will cover the same area. That should be available sometime in January.

But I have to say, I get very disappointed with the USGS when I look at this. Why are the colors so pale, with so little contrast? It's difficult to see details, and there are many omissions. No name for Chatsworth, for example. Maybe that's because it's an unincorporated place, as we discussed elsewhere recently? It shows buildings, which is good, but the color is so faint that you can hardly see them.

I am only supporting up to zoom level 15 on this map (the original goes to level 16). I'm using PNG imagery because it is more clear, and it would take another 140gb of disk space to go to level 16. I just don't have enough room for that, and I will need the space for the update to the Legacy topo

Usual disclaimers apply, you might have to clear your web browser cache to view this map.
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