Valentines Day in the pines?

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Jan 11, 2006
It should be sunny and cold with lots of snow cover. Anyway for those of us who are single (ladies just dont dig me), the pines are a great place to forget about loneliness.
Unlike at the mall or in busy public places, I dont have to see couples and be reminded I am alone. I never feel alone in the pines anyway, the presence of the woods is quite comforting.
I hope one day to find the lady I am looking for, but they are hard to find. Most of the women here on Long Island freak out when they see piney woods (oh my God, the trees aren't moving...) you know the deal. Their idea of nature is going to Central Park in NYC (yuck).
If I ever do find that woman I want to get married in the piney woods. The Jersey Devil isn't invited. :jd:
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