Various Finds


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Sep 17, 2002

I haven't posted as much lately but I still have been exploring. Here are some finds that I found interesting.

While looking for something else today, we surprisingly stumbled on a new sawmill location. This one is made mostly of bricks and is still pretty much intact. And as usual the deep depressions are nearby. I made the decision to not remove anything off of it so that it stays well hidden and intact for others to find. Unlike concrete, it is easier to disturb the brick sawmills.



This one was also a surprise. However, a hunter had found it earlier and inside the window in the center of the photo he has wrapped a tent around the area to keep himself warm while he waits to shoot at a deer through the window opening. A well hidden and designed location making it so easy to enter and exit. The only problem is he left it all there. Taking it home when finished would have made it perfect and kept the place looking undisturbed.

It obviously is the usual blueberry staging area where the pickers would bring their haul. The blueberry field starts right behind it.



This location was always private. However, checking the state tax records I found that the state now owns it. It was a struggle getting there making the find even better.


Inside the truck.


I was looking over aerial photos and noticed something unusual at this location and added it to my long list of places to visit. You don't see one of these much in the middle of the woods. In fact, you don't see these much at all anymore.


Jessica in the window waiting for me to step up and purchase something. I only had 22 forms of identity so I was out of luck.


An unusual outhouse for sure. It has seen better days.


Continued below. A 10 photo limit for each post has been reached.