Venus Fly Traps in the NJ Pine Barrens


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
We saw Venus fly trap in its native environment in Green Swamp, NC a few years back. The gent who planted non-native species in the PB was actually from Lower Bank although I imagine there have been many throughout the years.. I'm interested in seeing the changes in flora of NJ occur naturally as the climate and landscape change. It's an interesting process and worthy of closer study. FYI - It's also common knowledge in the professional & academic botanical community of several persons (again, likely more) who intentionally and without scientific basis plant rare species within the pine barrens.
I have read somewhere that Opossum have only been in NJ about 100 years and that they walked up from South America,I have also read that Armadillo (Possum on the half shell) did the same.And of course fire ants did it as well:-( On the other hand Coyotes supposedly came down from up north.I have also heard of reports of Porcupine in the barrens.I do not believe it till i hear it from some one i know is not a numb skull.
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