Walking along a road : suspicious activity?

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Feb 12, 2021
Queens New York
I never had anyone question me on my many hikes along numerous roads.
I believe as long as you stay away from narrow roads you have plenty of room to avoid getting hit by vehicles.

And make sure you appear to belong in that area without looking lost.

Obviously walking during daylight hours helps.

I had many enjoyable walks in numerous eastern states over the years.

And will still do it this year including here in the Garden State.


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
I walk 3 miles +/ in the woods around here almost every day of the year rain or shine.
I was questioned once about what I was doing by a young game warden, probably because I was dessed in camo but I didn't have a gun with me that night.
He ended up asking me if there were any known "violators" around the area. I told him there were a lot of late shooters around the bogs in the early part of the waterfowl split season.
He asked me where a good spot would be to park so that he could check late shooting hunters . I never saw him again and that was 4 years ago.
I came across a strange dude who ostensibly was sitting in his car masturbating. I had just spotted a brand new empty plastic box from a plastic penis laying in the middle of the road. As I came around a bend in the road, a guy sitting in a car started his vehicle and gunned it, leaving the woods going sideways.
I rarely come across any one but when I do we usually exchange a few pleasant hey yo how you doin's?
I think I would appreciate being asked by LE what I am doing maybe a just a few times.
It would make me think they were doing their job a little more diligently.
Just seen this 13 year old post:) Me and Momma wandered into a guy doing the same thing in Assateague nationa seashore.We were backpacking down the beach to the camping site this guy happened to be at.As I rounded the dune I seen him going full tilt.he had his back to me.I back pedaled and told Momma what was going on.I then snuk back around the dune to see what my options were for camping and if I could get out of site of Peewee Herman.he was just finishing up when low and behold This blond bombshell stepped out of his tent! I mean this girl was hot! I"m like WTF! There is just no accounting for some things you see in the woods. I wanted to yell so bad to knock that off or your going to go blind but when she stepped out of the tent I went speechless.
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