Wells Mills Plane Crash


Jan 2, 2003
Stu moved to no place Pennsylvania, NW corner. I tried to get in touch with him via Geocaching with no luck. I really enjoyed his company.


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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
That does not look like our Stu.

Edit: yes it does, after all. I was not used to seeing him with his glasses off and no mustache. I checked his photos against those on the post about the Warren Grove Wildfire. He was there, that was a great trip.

Dave 1213

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Jan 9, 2017
Woodland, NJ
I had time for a short walk yesterday but did not immediately re-locate the crash site. As I said previously, the indentation in the ground was slight, and I am hoping time hasn't eased the edges and made it harder to find. I'll look again when I have a bit more time. That tract might get burned this winter, which may make it more visible. Until then, I've posted a photo of what I've picked up on the surface there in the past.
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Great find. Thanks for sharing


Jul 16, 2013
Hello Everyone,

First, want to say Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for having this site. This is my first post but been visiting the site for awhile now. I'm asking for any information in regards as to where the crash site might be located near Wells Mills Park. I searched through the forums and looking for any coordinates that might aid me in finding it. I have recently visited the Bear Swamp Hill site as wells as the F-4 site and have my sights on visiting this one next. Information that I have found about the crash is that it was a F-51 Mustang (a variant of the P-51 mustang) from the NY Air National Guard and piloted by Lt. John Jelke and crashed July 28 1952 due to mechanical failure. Lt. Jelke was a highly decorated pilot from WW2 . Two years later in January of 1954 on a training mission from Westchester NY to Mobile Al, Lt. Jelke was involved in another accident somewehere near Mobile and to date his plane or body have never been discovered.
Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi Dave- I live about 5 minutes from Wells Mills Park. If you want to check out there area one day I'd be happy to join up for some fire cut exploring.