What is this symbol?

Apr 6, 2004

Note the comb-like symbol just below the target. Must be a special kind of dam? I note that is appears at many, though certainly not all, dams. I see it on the 1942 and 1949 USGS topos, after which it just shows up as a straight line at this particular location (the old canal connecting Forge Pond on Nescochague Creek with Pleasant Mills Pond on Hammonton Creek). BTW, There are still remains of the structure at this location, and it shows up rather clearly in the 1940 aerials. It was not present in 1931.


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Good question. Don't really see it in the USGS documentation, the closest thing appears to be a masonry dam.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 6.59.35 AM.png



Mar 24, 2017
Haddon Township
I'm going with dam. The current symbol for dam is a dark solid line going across a body of water (stream) where the body of water appears to look wider on one side then the other. The 'comb-like' symbol only appears on the 1942 topo. The other topo maps have the solid dark line. If you look at the dam at Batsto Lake on the 1942 topo, it also has the comb-like symbol. Whereas the other topos have the solid line.
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Apr 6, 2004
I'm thinking there must have been a mill there, then. I wish I could find the pictures I took of the remains of the structure there. It has since been submerged in water due to the gate at Rt. 542 being lifted.