Where can I find out about burn schedules?


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
I just too my wife and the dogs up to Howardsville today to let the dogs run in the field.I hadn't been there in probably ten years.We pull up to the road in which is usually gated and it was hanging open with fresh truck tracks.Thats when we looked ahead and noticed smoke.They were in the field burning it and the woods around it.We went up the road further north till it ended and walked a short way up the fire ditch from there,came back to the teuck ten minutes later and there was a man with a drip torch burning the woods toward my truck.365 days a year and they pick the one day to burn that area where i just spent an hour and a half driving to.I have tried to go my last two days off but it rained and while the dogs love water they absolutely hate rain. We aborted Howardsville and went swimming in the Wading downstream from Evans Bridge.Is there any where on the web I can find out what their burning and where? I ahve seen posts on here before with info like that.