Where is Red Oak Grove?


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Feb 24, 2024
S. Jersey
Hi All,

I drove to where Google maps said Red Oak Grove is supposed to be? Off Rt. 72, where junk yard is. Then go up a ways on Clay Mine Road. Upon arrival thru large puddle holes in drizzling rain. I arrived at the Google map site, where Clay Mine splits sorta with Red Oak Grove Rd. Saw some dirt mounds off the road matching LIDAR pics I had. But still did not happen upon ROG cellar holes? The dirt trail to ROG can be treacherous. Thanks...


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Sep 17, 2002
You were there it the road winds a little bit and is full of water holes. You have to get out and look for the cellar hole on the right side of the road if you came in off of 72. Nothing special of a hole.
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