Whitesbog Village


Dec 31, 1969
I visited Whitesbog Village recently for the first time. When I first drove in to the actual village, which appeared to be kept the way it was, I didn't realize that just down the road a short way was such an expanse.

The preserved village is quite spartan, with a bulletin board with a map of the layout of the place and brochures, with maps that had just a little detail and directions. It was cold and I didn't read too much on the board nor study the layout of the place nor try to find the building by matching the number with the building. I found a very short, but pleasant hiking trail that went through the edge of bogs, channels, between the bogs and the village. There were only a few people about that day near the houses in Whitesbog Village.

I drove one way, roughtly 90 degrees from where I entered from the village, thorough the woods, past some scattered houses along a sand road the intersected other unpaved road the soon led to a highway. I was pleasantly surprised when I drove the other direction and took the unpaved drive that went through the expansive bogs, reserviors, and various equipment used in the cranberry/blueberry industry. The drive seemed to be longer than the scenic drive at the Edwin Forythe National Wildlife place. I was really impressed with the area, tucked inside route 530, leading up the junction of 530 and 72. I was glad to be introduced to this memorial to the pioneering days of scientifically growing cranberries and blueberries,