Why are so many folks afraid of the pine barrens at night?


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Sep 17, 2002
WAMBA said:
i went to school in cherry hill, and one of the best things about that district is that all the sixth graders there get to go to the camp at mt misery for a week with their teachers. it was an awesome experience and i actually seem to have retained a lot of the knowledge about the pine barrens that i learned there. i think just about every year that almost gets cut from the cherry hill budget and parents complain enough to save it.

You may know my mom. She drove a bus for CH for 19 years and took the students there. She was the one who told me where Pasadena (Brooksbrae) was back in 1973. A teacher at CH had her take his class there and she realized that she had read about it in Beck's book that I had just got. She told me, and I was there.



Mar 8, 2006
Yea in Voorhees we did a 3 day field trip to Camp Ochinickan (and i know i spelled that wrong) in Medford. We did things like learn how to make paper, some history/folklore and activities about the environment.
We saw videos on the Jersey Devil describing the history and showing re-enactments of people's encounters. It was very interesting. I was able to go back in 12th grade as a counselor.
I think Pasadena is where i went on my 4th grade field trip. I remember a long ride down RT70. I was playing in a cellar structure that still had the floor attached to it about but we are talking 25 years ago so i am sure it has changed.


Mar 20, 2006
the thing that stands out the most in my mind about mt misery is a place that everybody called alligator alley. from what i remember, it was basically a boggy/swampy area with planks of wood going through it that people tried to walk across. most people fell off at some point and got really dirty. i believe they'd always take classes there at the end of the week, so i guess that's what everybody came home talking about, because even in the years before i went there myself it seemed like all i heard about mt misery were stories of the trip to alligator alley. does anybody have any info about where this "alligator alley" is? i'm pretty sure it's not within the methodist camp itself cause i think we had to be driven to it, but i don't think it was that far away.

i also recall that when i actually got to alligator alley myself it was a little disappointing after having heard all these stories hyping it up for years :(

i also remember having one teacher who was cool enough to take us down to the lake there to swim (which was not allowed cause of insurance or something) and while a bunch of us are in the water she starts yelling at us from the beach. we turn and look and one of the guys who runs the mt misery program is leading a group of kids across the bridge at the side of the lake. we were in plain view and thought we were busted, but miraculously the guy and the entire line of students behind him went over the bridge looking straight ahead. if a single one of them had even glanced sideways, it would've all been over and the cool teacher would've been in a heap of trouble :siren: