Will America's Worst Wildfire Disaster Happen in NJ?


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Sep 17, 2002
I love this line. Can you imagine this happening and the wheelers using it! And what will the PPA think about this? Or the homeowner next to the moat who's home was remote?

Several scientists I spoke to suggest building moats of firebreaks around the Pinelands' border and each town inside it, effectively bottling flames in the woods.
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Mar 5, 2012
Atco, NJ
While I don't agree totally with the story. There is some truth in it. A very large or several large fires could tax the resources needed to fight them. In no way do I think it will be the worst fire in US history. Another "Black Saturday" is possible but not likely with today's laws and resources.
No one can predict the future. But just think. Five years ago if somebody wrote that a hurricane would merge up with nor'easter, make a "left" turn and slam into the NJ coast all during full moon tides. I would have called them crazy. Nature constantly amazes me but trying to predict it is impossible.