Will the real Joe Mulliner please stand up?



I'd like to get some input on the different legends of Joe Mulliner, particularly re: Mordecai Swamp and his hideout island, and especially his burial place.
Based on conversation with Ken yesterday, the geocache site is considered by many to be the burial site, with the stone missing.
The stone I have photographed was placed in 1965 by a Sal Vito which someone yesterday, I forget who, laughingly said was put in place by mafia to cover a dead body. :lol: It is located between two newer houses, 20 steps from the road, and near an old foundation that appears not to have been completed.

Al sent this earlier ( hope you don't mind, Al)

I was looking thru the geocache site and found mulliners grave cache after seeing your post on barrys mail list.It"s on the wrong side of the river and too far upstream.Is their really a grave where the cache is?maybe could be the real spot?Did you go behind the modern day grave and find the sunk in spot with the marble columns outlining the hole next to the neighbors backyard on the hilltop?I think that may be the real grave.