Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

Discussion in 'Ghost Towns and Forgotten Places' started by Teegate, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    I just don't understand why someone would steal a stone. What would they do with it? Put it in their garden? Sell it?
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    Jul 20, 2003
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    I don't know Boyd but I personally know of three stones taken in the last three years all of which were next to roads.These stones were there for close to two hundred years and then one day Bam! they were gone. I notice it seems to be a fad right now that a lot of people do have big stones in their yard and South Jersey being South Jersey we're a stone poor place. I just wonder if their casual thefts where people may not even realize their stealing something important or of their looking at maps and actually hunting them down to steal them? Guy knows many more stones that have been stolen. A Millville Vineland border stone was taken this past year right next to a busy black top road. It was in the grass and I suspect maybe the grass mower got tired of hitting it and dug it up? The hole was covered over and if I didn't know the exact spot I"d of never known a stone was there.A thief would have left the hole.I think the mower guy took this and filled the hole in because he probably trashed a mower on it.Nice big white square cit marble monument that had a big tuft of grass around it in summer.Probably a new guy didn't know it was there and clobbered it. There are others like it along the line elsewhere.
    I would suggest if a stone thief is ever caught in the act perhaps they should be stoned? I"m not talking Hippie style neither.
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    One never knows :)