Yellow dirt/gravel at campsites


Apr 1, 2005
While out for a little time on the Dual Sport last night, I saw that the state laid down some dirt & gravel on the roads thru Godfrey Bridge. A little while later, I passed thru Bodine Field. The roads were augmented/raked there as well. It looked good albeit not "natural"


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
the red dirt on Stevenson Road does not look natural to me either but there is a pit near the road with a layer of bright red dirt that the orad was surfaced from.Down here in Cumberland county we have orange dirt beneath the grey Spodzosoil but we have nothing red like uop Stevenson road.Looks like down south in red clay country.Have no idea where yellow dirt would come from. I sense a reply from Spungman!