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    Bigfoot in the Pines!

    This is the best bigfoot post we've ever had.
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    Bigfoot does exist!

    Two things amongst the multitude of things I hate: 1. Bigfoot 2. Bigfoot threads that turn political Help keep your Pine Barrens forum clean. -The Management
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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    That's just clip art I found. This is my cat, Kodak. He's a British Shorthair.
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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    The final result!
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    Climate change in Pine Barrens

    Can we not be dicks in here? I know it's the internet of 2019 and all, but we've had a pretty good track record of not going off the rails. Otherwise this goes to the slag heap, Santa kicks a kitten, and everyone gets coal in their stockings.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Interactive Map of Earth from 750 million years ago to now... Interesting to see New Jersey through the ages. It looks like the Appalachians once covered the entire state.
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    Spooky PA Furnace Story

    Via the Historical Society of Pennsylvania:
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    Animated GIFs in your posts!

    Have you ever wanted to add an animated GIF to your post like you can on Facebook, but in a slightly less intuitive and clumsier manner? Well my friend, you're in luck. Introducing GIPHY support on NJPB. It's pretty easy to do: Type what you're looking for. Didn't find any you liked? Click on...
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    Yes it is. I can hardly believe how much heavier I was back then, and how much hair I still had. :/
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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    I'm just going to do a batch of Sauvignon Blanc so I'll need to do their California juice. Depending on how this goes I might get Pinot Grigio next year.
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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    Update: I've ordered all of the stuff I need to do it and now it just needs to show up and I just need to get the grape juice! I think I may also try my hand at cider, too.
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    FWIW I became social media friends with one of the two women behind the Ventures to Anomaly site. At the time I was annoyed that they were climbing and posing for photos on the Harrisville ruins. But as I saw more of what they posted over the next few years it was clear that they did have a...