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    No need to worry about bears, Garmin will save you! :siren:
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    Oops. I put wiper fluid in coolant.

    Let's say somebody admires one of your photographs and wants to know more about you. Guess what comes up in a Google search? And what if that person is a friend of your wife's? ;) Better tell her. Otherwise, delete this thread (as the person who started the thread, you can also delete it).
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    Oops. I put wiper fluid in coolant.

    "The one charm about marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties." -- Oscar Wilde
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    TwoNav GPS.... a Garmin alternative?

    Decided not to pull the trigger on this. Nice device, but this thread about support probelms in their forum is a little worrisome: I also sent them some questions via their...
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    Seems like camping would require some level of development and maintenance... unless campers build fires and poop wherever they like, bring their own water and carry all their trash out. ;)
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    Black Friday GPS deals

    Which one? I posted three different products. ;) The eTrex models don't include Birdseye. If you're talking about the Montana 610, it should include Birdseye, although it doesn't say that on the GPSCity website. But if you go to the source (Garmin's website) it says Birdseye is included. And...
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    Ceiling fan

    Does it really take three-plus hours for you to get to New Brunswick? I can get to my daughter's place in Long Island City (~130 miles) from Mays Landing in that amount of time or less. But I usually take the back way, through Egg Harbor City, Lower Bank and Chatsworth, which can take longer...
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    Black Friday GPS deals

    It really is, was looking around and $380 is the closest price I could find anywhere else (at Cabela's), it is over $400 in most places. And the Montana includes a free one-year Birdseye subscription, a rechargeable battery pack and wall charger (it can also use AA batteries). Here are a few...
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    Pennsylvanians to Be Allowed to Paint Trees Purple to Warn Trespassers

    Your favorite "despicable" company will gladly sell that to you. ;) "Garmin HuntView™ Plus Maps PART NUMBER 010-D1651-01 $89.99 USD { ..... } Identifies landowner names and boundaries for public/private land types and boundaries, using data from multiple sources for superior coverage and...
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    Pennsylvanians to Be Allowed to Paint Trees Purple to Warn Trespassers

    I like it. But awhile ago, Scott posted a link to NJ hunting regulations. I was surprised to see that it said the hunter is personally responsible for knowing whether he is on land where hunting is permitted, and that the lack of posted signs is not an excuse.
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    Black Friday GPS deals

    GPSCity has the Montana 610 for $330 - one of the best prices I've seen on this model. I don't think this is a Black Friday special, they are currently out of stock but expect more to arrive on Tuesday.
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    Black Friday GPS deals

    Cabela's has a few nice deals under $200 Garmin GPSMap64ST for $170 Garmin eTrex 22x for $170 And for the car, a Garmin DriveSmart 61LMT for $190...
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    That is very sad... much too young to die.
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    NJ to buy 1400 acres near Millville, Holly Farns.

    The poster looks great Mark! :cool: Glad you're finding the maps helpful. Work is progressing slowly but steadily on the new LIDAR website, hopefully it will be online by Christmas.
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    Holly Farm to be Preserved!

    This is great news! But @DeepXplor beat you to it. :)