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    Body found in Chatsworth

    Whats that suppose to mean?..... They looked like a couple of low lifes. I could guess the 3-4 areas in town where they lived.
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    New Off Road Vehicle Law

    Im not crossing my fingers on this one. The state was supposed to have designated riding areas 5 years ago.
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    Off Roading!!!!

    I havent been that way in about 2 years, we stopped in on a dual sport ride to watch the action, seemed like alot of alcohol fueled stupidity would transpire there that would ruin it for the responsible folks. I guess if anyone can point the original poster in the right direction it sounds...
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    Off Roading!!!!

    To the original poster. A vehicle with that much lift is suited better for someone with private land that allows 4x4s these days. I know there is a place off rt 206 near wharton forest that I have heard is private and have seen the trucks there. The days of trucks that size running forked...