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    Tribute to a Foxhunter: Pomeroy Crossroads

    I am in the pines, and red foxes love my chickens.
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    upcoming railroad repair?

    They are upgrading the crossing in anticipation of Clayton running sand trains. In the spring they did the same in Whiting at Diamond Road and at 530. The forum cited by 46er above has been following this pretty closely as well. The senior communities in Whiting have been concerned about this...
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    Who knows about chickens?

    I have ordered from McMurray and have always been happy. Dig around on and you will learn everything you need, and more, though many of the people on there go WAY overboard. Just make sure you house them where protected. I have lost dozens over the years to hawks, foxes...
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    Railroad tracks from Woodmansie to Lakehurst Here is a very long thread from a railroad forum discussing this in depth.
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    Philly Inquirer - Echoes of traditional tunes still heard in NJ Pine Barrens Didn't see if anyone else posted this....
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    Railroad tracks from Woodmansie to Lakehurst

    I see that a rail line is trying to get this rail line up and running again. The Manchester Town Council was looking to support the application.
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    Hot dogs

    Joe the Hot Dog man died around Christmastime. About a week later a tow truck picked up the hot dog truck. Not sure what happened, but I heard it was carbon monoxide poisoning at his house.
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    Apple Pie Hill

    I will give that a try. Thanks...
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    Apple Pie Hill

    How do you get to Apple Pie Hill from 72?
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    Blueberries? Anyone?

    Some google work tells me that the worms are actually "blueberry maggots." They are apparently harmless, and people usually eat them without knowing it. They are a threat to the domesticated crops though, because one infested berry will cause an entire crop to be rejected, so growers are...
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    Blueberries? Anyone?

    How can you tell blueberries and huckleberries apart? Also, I heard that wild blueberris can sometimes be infested with some type of tiny worms. Anyone know how to tell if they are, other than opening them all up and examining them? I know that is what some kosher eaters do....
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    Have ticks always been a problem?

    I recall reading in one of the books about the pines that a traveler from Europe, writing about the pines in the 1700s, noted how if you stopped to sit down for more than a minute that you became infested with "wood lice" or ticks. Not a direct quote, but I seem to remember this. It seems...
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    Driver, 17, killed in Whiting crash

    The road was closed for hours that night. There are memorial flowers, etc., hanging in the trees at the spot of the accident now.
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    Family Outing

    "Continued around the west side of the bogs to a CCC forest restoration west of Buckingham along the PCRR." Those trees always looked out of place to me. How did you learn there was a CCC reforestation there? Am I the only one who doesn't know that?
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    Star Ledger - Saving that brown water