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    I still am shaking my head at what i saw today!

    Cougars Thanks, JerseyJK07...appreciate the information. Hope to hear more about your camping trip!
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    I still am shaking my head at what i saw today!

    Cougar Sighting! I knew it. I always knew it. This is how I found this site in the first place! I was researching any truth in the existence of cougars still in NJ, and came across NJPineBarrens. So, please keep us posted on your camping trip! BTW, what county were you in? Thanks!
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    Exploding Deer Population

    Coyotes The info as regards the dead coyotes with their heads cut off caught my attention...About a month or so ago, I was driving up 46 E in NWNJ, just around the corner from where I live, and I saw a dead animal on the side of the road. It was pretty big and looked like a tan dog. I drove...
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    Native NJ legends (Lenape etc..)

    Great Information! Thanks for the Lenape information site. I am researching this very subject right now and was actually wondering the same thing. Serendipity first thing in the morning! Jim: As far as the Jersey Devil, I think that you might have something there. I recently purchased a...
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    Articles are going away!

    Thanks for keeping the articles! Hi Ben, I am a newbie and do read the articles when I come on site, and would hate to see them disappear before I had the chance to read them all. This is a lovely place to visit, as are the real Pine Barrens, and since I do not live in South Jersey any longer...
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    Black deer!?!

    Black Deer Sighting Well, thanks anyway! And those two other pictures are really nice. Much obliged. Oh yes, would you be able to send these pictures in higher res imaging as you did the first one? Take care!
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    Black deer!?!

    Black Deer Sighting Hi! That is a beautiful picture of the two fawns and you know where the picture was taken? Thanks...
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    Dead on Road Coyote

    I actually live in NW NJ now, and sometimes we can hear coyotes howl at night in the hills. The sound is very eerie. One night when driving on 57 W, we saw a little guy running out of the corn fields right in front of our car! He was grey and white and I am pretty sure a coyote. I have seen...