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    White Throats are Here

    I actually found one on the roadside while checking out plants. Poor little guy was decapitated but feathers were in good condition. A recent kill. I hate to find dead birds.
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    What do I have here?

    wish I coulda brought him home I have a shed full of crickets right now. He'd have had a field day.
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    I scratch too coz they itch. But my skin is rather thin so it doesn't take long to bleed. But the witch hazel does help as well.
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    Dave's Hole ???

    I love reading and hearing the history of all these local places. Its fascinating what was here before. Thanks Mark!
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    Need Plant IDs

    I also need an ID. A visitor noticed this plant growing in my bog. It flower looks like a bud, but I checked it in two day and it was spent. Never saw anything like this before, even in Peterson's. Its about 6-8 inches tall. Has anyone seen this before?
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    Need Plant IDs

    I agree with German on the 4 species.
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    I recently got a bad batch of them and I used Witch Hazel 2x daily, took the itch a way in about 5 days, but made the itching less severe while it was going on.
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    Its almost stink bug time

    I was at Tuckahoe WMA last weekend and one flew in my truck and hung out on the dash all day.
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    Pine Snake Eating

    Very cool!!!
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    Ocean County surprise land purchase

    Ditto, and a very nice shot of Gratiola aurea with the bumblebee. So glad it didn't become 1000 homes. We need more preservation like this. Bravo to the freeholders. I can't wait to hike it.
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    White Throats are Here

    I really don't want to turn on the heater just yet. Its been staying 64-67 in here. But I fired it up to 68 yesterday just to make sure its working ok so I am ready when it does get cold in here. Its a new unit, but so is my water heater and I had a gas leak in only 3 months after it was...
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    Drought conditions

    Glad it came back. Was it wind caused?
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    What do I have here?

    Sorry pic wouldn't load..something wrong with one drive. Maybe I can send it from phone.
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    What do I have here?

    Very nice snakes, all of them. Here is one I stumbled upon, "Literally almost stepped on him last weekend, A Rough Green Snake. He is the second one I found this summer, the first sadly was deceased in the road.