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    Sign at Batsto

    I think it was "sauced--up" hunters drivin' gas--guzzlin', monster SUVs!:rofl: ebsi
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    Black Friday — 50 Years Ago II

    Right--on, Boyd! Some of these things remind me of fun times long ago; some of these things are an expression of my rather inane (and "arcane") sense of humor... Ben and Guy, and others, too, discuss, at length, elsewhere on this forum, the relative advantages/disadvantages of one type/make...
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    Harrisville Ruins

    I agree: This is something that ought to be investigated/monitored closely. Are you listening Atlantic County Audobon Society? There has been much discussion in the press on this subject, especially in relation to constructing a wind farm near Cape Cod. Edward Kennedy is opposed to the...
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    The Plant that Ate America

    The tallest Phragmites I've ever encountered were at the Finns Point National Cemetery --- when I visited there in the spring of 1992... I think they must have been 12 or 14 feet high! Driving down the road to Fort Mott was like driving through a thick, tan forest. ebsi
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    Pine Plains Sun

    Nice! :jd: ebsi
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    Harrisville Ruins

    The Press Answer Guy Q.: Which homes in the area are receiving electricity from the windmills in Atlantic City? Answer Guy: Electricity produced by the five towering turbines at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority’s wastewater–treatment plant likely goes far beyond the region’s...
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    Howardsville Stones

    Many thanks, Guy, for the nice pics! It is almost like being there...:jd: ebsi
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    Black Fri. -- 50 Years Ago

    send 'em an e--mail, Ben! Maybe they'll send you a free "plumber's butt" T--shirt...:mrgreen: ebsi
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    Black Friday — 50 Years Ago II

    One of the major Piney philosophies was: “If it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it!” You just didn’t mess around with something that was working OK. If it broke, you either fixed it yourself, or you got it repaired. You just didn’t go out and buy a new one, unless, of course, the cost of repairing the...
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    Black Fri. -- 50 Years Ago

    "In the Pines, in The Pines, Where the Sun Never Shines." :rofl: BTW: That, I believe was a song that Bill Monroe recorded. I may have an old 78 of that --- 45 years ago (Has it been that long?). Might be some Dobro "geetar" on it... ebsi
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    Howardsville's Buildings

    A photocopy of a private letter in my possession seems to indicate that a member of the Howard family lived in a large house there. So, perhaps, the largest of the smaller buildings may have been that residence. My assumption would be that it had a cellar... ebsi
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    Black Fri. -- 50 Years Ago

    People who lived in The Pines 50 and more years ago classified themselves as either “Haves” or “Have Nots.” There was none of that “Rich” or “Poor” stuff: No “Upper” or “Lower” “Middle Class” — just “Haves” and “Have Nots.” period. The “Haves” were considered “wealthy.” In general, they owned...
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    Saucy Hunters

    I hope you did, too, "paddler"! Did you have some cranberry sauce? You, know, it's GOOD for you (like blueberries, very high in antioxidants), and good for the local economy (Buy locally grown produce!), as well. ebsi
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    Saucy Hunters

    Bob, That is interesting! ebsi
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    It has nothing to do with terrorists.

    I don't know: I'm still reading... However, the commentary is exceedingly well documented. Broken links are few and far between. It seems uncanny to me that when I click onto his URL, I get connected almost immediately, and I use a dial--up connection. The site is humongus! Who is this guy: Who...