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    Where was Davis Grove?

    I wonder when the picture was taken. The pump style dates to the early to mid 20's. The station was sold in 1932. I would guess that if the station were built in the early 20's, the longest Davis could have owned it would be for about 10 years. It's possible the pumps predate the...
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    I enjoy bourbon too, but more so in the cooler months. The brand I drink depends on the drink I'm making. For a good Old Fashioned, try Bulleit Bourbon. For Manhattans, I use Knob Creek or Wild Turkey. You need something a little rough around the edges for a Manhattan (so the vermouth can...
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    Thanks Ben

    I hesitate to write anything more about this idiotic incident, but having just wasted 10 minutes of my life watching LIP's latest YouTube rant (10 minutes of my life I'll never get back), I'd like to join in on expressing appreciation for the site. This is a great site. I've learned an...
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    Why can't I lose this gut?

    :eng101:If you want to live well and be happy, learn how to cook for yourself. It takes a little trial and error, but you'll never regret it. If you like hamburgers, buy a meat grinder and grind your own beef. I started doing that, and its amazing the results you can get out of a humble...
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    File Conversion .gdb to .dxf or .dwg?

    I bought a GPSMap 60CSX for $285.97 from Amazon last week. I bought it based on the good reviews everyone on here had given it. I got it with the Garmin Topo 2008 maps. So far, I'm very happy with it.
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    Article about NJ parks closing due to budget cuts

    He’s a columnist/reporter working for the Star-Ledger. He claims to have attended a telephone press conference on April 1, 2008 with the New Jersey DEP commissioner, Lisa Jackson, concerning the park closings. The source for these statements come from Mr. Mulshine’s reporting on that...
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    Article about NJ parks closing due to budget cuts

    I agree. I'm skeptical that they're serious about "closing" these parks. It is likely a stunt. The saddest part of all this is that the state is facing serious problems, and we wind up with this kind of confusing nonsense coming from DEP officials concerning our state parks. Threatening to...
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    Article about NJ parks closing due to budget cuts

    According to an opinion piece in the Newark Star Ledger, it sounds as if the parks would be closed to the public. In other words, if you were found in the park you'd be ask to leave. I guess just being in the closed park would be considered illegal; at least according to this columnist's (Paul...
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    Beer (again)

    The preference for one mass-produced beer over another has to mainly be connected with advertising and brand identity. There just isn’t that much difference. That said, I like Miller over Bud, and Pabst over Miller, and Rolling Rock over Pabst. But really there isn’t much difference; I think...
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    Atsion Mansion Restoration

    Jerseyman - as always, thanks for the information!
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    Atsion Mansion Restoration

    I am curious about some of the architectural details of the Atsion mansion. It seems clearly to be a Greek revival style building, which makes sense given the date it was built. Beyond that – does anyone have information on the architect or designer? Was it built from a pattern book, or is it...
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    school project

    My favorite all-round Pines reference book is Heart of the Pines by John Pearce. Lots of good stuff in there....
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    Rancocas State Park

    I took a quick hike through the park last June. My chief memory is of the prodigious quantity of insects in the grassy areas at that time of year. I've heard it's a favorite spot for birders. I don't recall a large house in the middle of it, but I stayed on the established trails.
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    New Jersey: 3rd most popular state to leave

    Mark - generally, I'm in agreement with what you've written. I don't know if what I'm going to post will add anything to the discussion, but I'll throw it out here anyway. Your post on the Old Union Church in Long Valley got me thinking about Beck's story of New England crossroads and the Old...
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    New Jersey: 3rd most popular state to leave

    Thanks for the background information, and I think the distinction you draw here between the "historical entity known as the New Jersey Legislature" and all of us living taxpayers is very well put.