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    Hammock the Batona

    I've seen plenty of hammock campers at Batona 12 months of the year. I'm hiking from Batsto to Bass River this weekend. No hammock though.
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    Washington Tpke 745 acre thinning bid

    I hiked the old CNJ from Atsion to Carranza and back in January. The ROW is fairly walkable until you approach High Crossing and then the pines really close in and smother the tracks.
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    Fox Catcher

    IIRC, the red fox is an invasive species to NJ, no?
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    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    My legs were covered in tick nymph bites 2 weeks ago near Hawkins. No adult ticks, but lots and lots of nymphs. I pulled them off me but they still itch :-(
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    Music for the day

    This kid is a fantastic guitarist and a nice guy to boot:
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    2017-18 Winter weather

    I found lots of fallen trees blocking the Batona Trail between Apple Pie Hill and Batsto. NJCF crews were clearing the trail through FPP on Saturday afternoon.
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    First tick of the year

    I pulled a few ticks off of my arm on the new section of the Batona Trail along an old cranberry bog on Saturday, but I was drenched in permethrin and DEET so none of them hung around long. My dog is also on medication so she emerged tick-free.
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    First Snake Of The Season

    Love those snakes!!! My son found a Dekay (Brown) Snake in FPP on Saturday.
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    Lots of rusty crayfish in the lakes in North Jersey. They actually leave the lake and walk around on dry land, which freaks people out. I've found them 500 yds from the nearest lake!!!
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    A noisey weekend ahead...

    I heard the booms on Saturday hiking the Batona through Brendan Byrne SF. I'm glad my dog has finally gotten used to them. In her younger days she would have been making a beeline for my car!
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    Fire department rescues dog from icy Mullica River

    My dog fell through the ice in the Mullica a few years back. Luckily, she was only a few feet from shore. I was too heavy to go out on the ice, so my son used his Boy Scout skills, crawled out there to spread his weight and pulled her to safety. I was impressed :-)
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    Planning a Batona Trail Thru Hike

    Resurrecting this old thread... My teenage son and I are scheduled to hike the Batona trail in mid-April. We've done the trail in segments over the years as day hikes and car camp about twice a year. We are thinking of hiking Batona over 4 days, from Bass River to Ong's Hat. What direction is...
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    Glen Campbell passes

    I've been listening to his music all night. This one is appropriate for this forum.
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    Fire in Wharton?

    Here is a slide show from the Star-Ledger of the burned are.
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    I hate mylar balloons

    Every time I hike or paddle in any park, I inevitably find at least one mylar balloon and discarded plastic bottle :mad::mad::mad: