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    Stump grinding

    Ben, if you are not in a huge hurry just drill a whole bunch of 1/2" holes in the top of the stump about an inch apart. This allows water and insect life to get in and do their thing. I did this for a maple stump in my yard that was approx. 16" across and here we are a few years later and it...
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    Opening Day

    It may well be true. They seem to be much more together this far. What impresses me is that they are playing with such energy and enthusiasm and happiness.
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    Airships and Lakehurst N.A.S.

    Spent some time at Lakehurst during my Navy days and yes, Hanger 1 has to be seen to be believed. It is absolutely huge to the point that it creates its own weather INSIDE!
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    OFFICIALS: DESTROY THE SPOTTED LANTERNFLY in Berks County it has been reported in only 3 or 4 far. Efforts to get the word out to the public have been very successful and I doubt there is anybody going into the woods that is not looking for it. Seems very similar to the stinkbug invasion that began here...
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    Your Forest Under Attack: Road Closures in Wharton State Forest

    Excellent job Ben! Although I don't spend much time in the Pines, being from PA and all, I would be very upset if they tried pulling the same stunt up here. The actions of a few spoil things for the majority.
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Thanks for the shout out Ben. I just realized that I have been out of the Navy for 21 years this year. How time flies from being a know everything 18 year old headed for basic to a father who has a son about to graduate high school!
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    Another Beach Dune and Berm Project

    It seems the main problem is the powers that be don't understand that nature will do what it wants to do and when it wants to do it. Surf City replenishment is a prime example. The next contract awarded for LBI has them getting replenishment to replace what has been lost due to storms, tides...
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    john mcphees, the pine barrens

    Ben, I know you are correct about the location of Fred's place being private property. When we were all down there I asked Becca about it. If I recall she said that his place was located several hundred yards but almost a straight line across from the Haines & Haines office.
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    Wanted: Film Photography Stuff

    I may have some film. I also have Minolta X700 with lens, 70-210 zoom, 2x multiplier and so on. If you can't use it or want it maybe somebody does.
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    Apanay Cafe Closed?

    How much business have they done in the past few years? I always drove by there but the last time I ate there it was known as Ong's Hat and as I remember the food was pretty good.
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    Father And Two Sons Die From Hypothermia While Hiking

    Agreed. When I hunt, even in familiar areas, I take what I need to spend the night just in case something goes wrong.
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    Ocean Spray

    I live not too far from where they are going to build in the Lehigh Valley. Just curious as to what access they have at the current plant besides a road. The proposed location has rail access and an interstate highway 1/2 mile away.
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    Catching the Brown Marmorated Fartbeetle If you don't build one of your own, I have been using 91% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Usually kills them in a minute.
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    Barnegat Light officials could take control of lighthouse

    I would certainly rather have the local government and the Friends take it over than have it close or be otherwise forgotten.
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    Stink bugs Update

    I had heard about this remedy and it seems to work, spray them with rubbing alcohol. Whatever the reason, it kills them fairly quickly. I try to spray them on their underside as it is more easily absorbed into their body. Sometimes it takes more than one shot but the kill rate is 100% and...