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    hiking after knee replacement?

    A friend Swamp Fox (He hiked the first 200 mi. of my AT hike in 2009) has done over 10.000 miles since his knees replaced in 2010. He's 80 now and hiking in Canada. Also spent a year hiking in Europe. :)
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    South Jersey man's hiking blog has half million fans, and climbing

    great. you need to blowup that article for a poster :) would be great for lines on the pines
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    First time campers?

    We camp at Bass river with the kids. My daughter needed a mirror in bathroom :). If you want the solitude hit the AT south of NJ. Can camp where you want.
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    Parking for Batona Hike

    I would not leave "MY" car at Ong's Hat. That's why I said south to north. I don't care about your car ;)
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    Parking for Batona Hike

    You could park at Bass River and have somebody suttle you to Ong's Hat. I've hiked both ways and never considered the sun an issue. Besides, it will probably rain the whole time ;)
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    Parking for Batona Hike

    south to north for parking. just do a yo-yo and hike back to car :)
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    Two days to complete the Batona Trail = terrible idea!

    Day one to Lower Forge is easy. It's day 2 that is long and hard ;)
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    Tour Wharton ORV Destruction

    will these people have the right heart and motive for the tour..........just a thought :(
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    Turn those clocks back

    NO !
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    Alleged vandals arrested at N.J. landmark closed due to vandalism

    "Since the fence was constructed, officers have stepped up patrols in the area," Maybe they should of stepped them up before ???
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    Hammock Camper? Pine Barrens Night Sky Photographer?

    They give us free giveaways for our winter hammock hang at Batona Camp in January. Nice people, buy short hammocks.
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    Free Canoe!

    Sea worth NO, Lake worth YES. PM'd my number. Please call.
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    Free Canoe!

    ok then.
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    Free Canoe!

    Broke Jeep Joe, Today at 8:17 AM PM'ed me. If he changes mind Ill let Long-a-coming know
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    Free Canoe!

    In the spirit that this canoe was given to me I would like to offer it back up for FREE. First post on thread that can come to Swedesboro to get it. New seat and a paddle goes with it :)