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    Interesting find on ebay.

    Interesting to see the item located in Fl.
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    Mines Spung Road blocked

    Understood and agree but it really didn't even appear to be road at that point. It looked more like a dead end into a swamp. The water had to be over 3' possibly more if anyone had rutted it up. I wasn't taking that chance.
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    Mines Spung Road blocked

    Traveling down it a bit you'll find it to be impassible. The water is so high and with no "go arounds" your forced to turn around in a tight area.
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    Guess the location

    Allen and Martha Rd. Bass River State Forest. Heading North East from Allen it's on your right.
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    My map project

    Is there a new "updated" version of your software? I love refering to your topos when the garmin's maps doesn't show the roads. Also is there a way the 255w can recognize the road names?
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    Sunrise at 1/4 Mile Road

    Why the 24th? Plenty of other weekends.