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    Tip Shakedown

    I drive a diesel pickup and I have never had fuel pumped for me in NJ in 17 years of owning this truck. Fortunately diesel is not prohibited from being pumped by the driver in this State . This weekend I was in a backwoods Dandee in Rome, PA and I wanted to put diesel on my card because I...
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    Water spots that are not water spots

    No luck with the dash cam ?
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    Ceiling fan

    I graduated from Cook College in New Brunswick in '81 and my roommates were from that area or further north in NJ. To me, they all talked funny and lived in a world full of noise, smelly air, gridlocked traffic and asphalt. I invited two of my North Jersey college buddies on an overnight hike...
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    Ceiling fan

    Well we might as set the Jerseyquator below 553 along the Delaware Bay. :)
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    Ceiling fan

    Only kidding Bob. But please feel free to stop any time you get below the Jersey Equator which I would consider Route 72 ish. :)
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    Ceiling fan

    Hey there Bob, you sound pretty handy around the house ! Our ceiling fan just stopped working . I took the old one down while it was wired hot without throwing the main breakers. I was so proud of myself. Bzzzzt ! Now I am staring at the new one in a nice shiny box. I'll probably be staring at...
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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    It's very good to hear that your sons have the interest. I am sorry I can't be of much help in the northern Pine Barrens but it seems that all of the water bodies hold pickerel. I used to fish the Mullica below Atsion and the Batsto River within the first mile or two upstream of the Village...
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    Old Tuckerton Dump

    There was a dump in New Gretna at the end of Dump Road (intriguing) south of Route 9. It looks like a Parkway borrow pit that became a landfill. From the most awesomest Boyd's Maps:
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    Photo near my house in Shamong.

    I can almost hear the chiggers dying. :)
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    No, there isn't Boyd. As long as the seller did not break the law in completing the sale. Individual shotgun and rifle ammunition sales are not recorded at the point of sale. The purchaser must be at least 18 years of age. Handgun ammunition is recorded at the point of sale and the purchaser...
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    Wow ! Looks like he is a firearms enthusiast. Rifle Dynamics is a custom builder of AK-47's. I would love to see the store return to the roots that I remember in the 1970's when Buzby's was a gathering spot for hunters and locals and the store was a NJF&W Deer Check Station. I worked the check...
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    Dead Shredded Red

    Ran Murph tonight and everything but a few feathers were gone. Murph wasn't convinced. Yesterday morning most of the carcass remnants were still there. Nature's cleanup crews are amazing.
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    Dead Shredded Red

    I’m leaning toward the great horned owl Ron. I think the hawk that I spooked may have been mourning the loss.