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    Sooy Family

    Try looking on FINDAGRAVE.COM. It is loaded with Sooy's from NJ. Type in Sooy in this forum. I noticed several articles mentioning that name.
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    Deer eat birds

    I was surprised to hear white-tailed deer eat birds, particularly fledglings and ground nesting birds. Has anyone ever observed this?
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    Tannic acid?
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    Beachwood fire in progress?

    More info:|breaking|text|Frontpage
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    Beachwood fire in progress?

    Lots of smoke south of exit 80. My wife reports the Intermediate School in Beachwood is being evacuated. Many fire trucks from outside Beachwood have headed south. Anyone know more about this?
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    Coyote conspiracy: Myth, or state-business collusion?

    Perhaps the hunter died of natural causes and was devoured by coyotes and other predators? Only shreds of clothing and his shotgun would remain, presuming some human didn't come upon his apparently abandoned shotgun and took it as his own.
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    Snowy Owl

    Snowy owls gunned down at NYC airport as hazard to flight.
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    NWS Winter Forecast

    Eight inches in South Toms River.
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    Mystery Cemetary (Dover Forge)

    I found this about Hollowfield Cemetery on Findagrave:
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    Strange Weather Pattern

    Philadelphia Airport had 8 plus inches of rain yesterday, shutting down operations today for American Airlines. I don't think we had even a quarter inch in Toms River area.
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    I don't have Windows 7, but the version before that. Let me put the URL out there, maybe Ancestry will let it go through...
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    Unfortunately that isn't a screen shot. I was able to email that to myself. I haven't figured out the screen shot yet. If this is the full document it is 4 pages long. The relevant info is on page 2.
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    Let's see if this works:
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    It looks like it was a litany of articles about various things. The one in question is under "graves in lonely woods". The article right after it was about the largest wave ever known, in Peru. If you have an Ancestry account I can send you the link. I don't know if you can use it without the...
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    An article was written by the Daily Herald of Delphos Ohio on 31 May 1899. An inquiry at the time could find no trace of any Atkerson family in the area nor anyone who ever heard of them. The author noted there was no inclosure around the grave. Also mentioned was the fact that only by accident...