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    Pinelands Jetport Research Project

    Years ago, when I worked for the county, I came across a complete set of site plans for the project. We gave them to a co worker as a joke retirement gift. As a kid it was supper table conversation. Dad liked the idea, "lots of new jobs". I'm glad it never happened.
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    Timing of a controlled burn to help restore Pineland flora

    Planning and advice are free. For physically performing the burn there is a charge. There is a fee schedule listed on page 21 of the guide.
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    Timing of a controlled burn to help restore Pineland flora
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    Photo Archives--Forked River Mountain Coalition

    Thanks for posting Mrs. Morgan’s photos. The first time I ever met her was on the road between Wells Mills and Brookville. I was about 14 and my friends and I thought we were in the middle of no where. We were amazed to run into any one especially two ladies. They had the dogs that are in the...
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    The Road to Howardsville

    I saw that road marked on a map as the Harrison Road; I always assumed it was named for Isaac Harrison who was a manager for the cranberry company that used to work the bogs. Years ago, I broke down about ½ ways through to Howardsville (Cranmer Place) and had to walk out. When I came back later...
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    Yosemite is starting to burn

    Currently the NJ Forest fire Service has two engines out in California. One on the Stanislaus Nat. Forest the other one on the Sequoia National Forest. I attached a photo of the engine on stand by on the Sequoia . Currently both engines are assigned to initial attack duties although the engine...
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    Bloody Ridge

    I was told it got the name for the ammount of deer killed along it.
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    New Found(?) Gun Clubs/Cabins in the Pines

    Again it's my best guess but around the area at one time there were quite a few clubs and many were named for the home town of the membership, Parlin, South River, Delaware, Trenton. I'll see if I can get a hold of one of my older friends who may have some first hand info. Thanks Mike for the...
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    New Found(?) Gun Clubs/Cabins in the Pines

    No problem, Wanamassa (sorry I originally spelled it wrong) is a section of Ocean Twp., Monmouth County. It's common for the members to name their clubs after where they're from so that's where I always thought the name came from.
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    New Found(?) Gun Clubs/Cabins in the Pines

    I just figured that the club's membership were from Wannamassa. I guess they never rebuilt after their last building was destroyed. I heard two versions of how it went down. One was a gas explosion the other was high explosives.
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    New Found(?) Gun Clubs/Cabins in the Pines

    We always called that the Wannamassa Club. The story I heard was that the building indicated on the topo was their original club and later they built another building farther up the swamp. The 2nd one was the one that was blown up in the early 1970's? I'll give you guys credit for going back...
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    Good news! I took a ride out there to take a look for my self and everything is just as I remembered, no additional damage. I'll be having an interesting conversation with my "friend" who gave me the bad information. Someone had hung some flagging to mark the site, I removed it.
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    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    I always thought it was interesting that the grave stones looked like they were made from the same material they produced at Pasadena. Was that the only kilm in the area or were there others?
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    I'm moving to Lacey township NJ

    200 sounds about right. The last time I dared to take the dogs on the Well Mills trails they were covered. They even had ticks between their toes.