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    New Friendship Gate

    One thing we can't do is give up.
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    NOT Good News

    Meanwhile, from NJ.COM Scientists ‘hope’ they have stopped it:
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    Oswego Lake Road

    Pretty sure the road is public to the intersection with Stevenson. If I recall correctly, the gate is just east of the Stevenson intersection.
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    Oswego Lake Road

    Yes, by Sims Place. This is the spot to which I am referring, it's 5.3 miles off 563 per googlemaps:
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    Oswego Lake Road

    Not sure if this is where the closure is, but there is a culvert just before the bogs (if you're heading east from 563). I would guess its right around 6 miles from 563.
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    It’s back: Khov @ Heritage Minerals

    Hovnanian resurects plan to build 4,000 homes in Manchester.
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    Insect ID please

    Believe that is a katydid
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    Fire in Wharton?

    Any guesses as to how long it will burn?
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    Fire in Wharton?

    Dan Skeldon (of NBC 40 fame) posted some sat shots, highlighting the smoke plumes: I wonder if the new fire break will come into play. 3500 Acres is big.
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    A Common Coffee Sweetener Could Help Cure Lyme Disease

    She notes the liquid form, wonder if the powdered form will do the same.
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    Beer (again)

    Been spending a lot of time up north this year and finally made a score. The Sip of Sunshine is pretty easy to get, the other two not so much:
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    Skip to 1:53, its a drone. These people may want to remove the video as piloting drones from with in state forests is not allowed with out a Special Use Permit:
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    Blocking ATV Access To Spung's In Wharton

    As of the last time I went by Jemima it looked like the barricades there were serving their purpose. Just say'in.
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    Anybody get a survey about Wharton use?

    Your not suggesting any person or group would want to sway the results of the surgery, are you? I can't imagine that happening.
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    Blocking ATV Access To Spung's In Wharton

    Did they let you operate the Bobcat?