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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    This really sucks, I happened to stumble back after finally finding some free time from life, to read this. Why on Earth would someone take a stone?! Robbing History from future generations, pisses me off. I originally found out about this stone from WeirdNJ of all places, took some time to find...
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    Sunday Stone Searching Seriously Started

    It was a great day out there for sure! I had a great time and I like to thank you guys for inviting us, can't wait to do it again!
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    Sandy aftermath

    Ben, I am very sorry to hear about that, you will get through it with the help of your friends and family.
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    Sooy Family

    These may help in your quest...
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    Black's Stone Updated

    Yea that looks like a job in itself just trying to read the map, at least I can put that mystery behind me. Beck must of had the wrong year and added a G in there.
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    Black's Stone Updated

    Guy, are the stones that you found the whole tract? Was Beck's memory wrong or could there still be a T.G. Black 1858 stone out there hiding as large as a crouching man? I'd like to believe that there is, although I think the stone that Beck wrote about was the large one we know of. Maybe by...
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    South Jersey

    Haha thats great, when I was younger my dad always told me to stay away from the "crick" (Rancocas Creek), I still call it the crick.
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    The Aserdaten Tract Location

    Guy, that's a great post. I am no historian or guru, but where does Blacks stone fit into the Aserdaten tract? Was it there before the tract was purchased? The Aserdaten area to me is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Wrangleboro, is it possible that the place you visited was Quaker bridge...
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    Here's a good laugh for ya....

    I was searching ebay just to see what I could find and look what I came across..... I simply don't have words for this
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    Lebanon Lake

    I assume your talking about Pakim pond, not sure on the fishing there. It is actually an abandoned cranberry bog, I don't see why the fishing would be bad.
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    I need a fish before I go crazy!!!!

    Also your in Delanco, the Stripers will be in the Delaware before you know it. Im right next door in Riverside.
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    Late winter fishing

    Awesome, looks like a good time. Nice looking fish!
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    I need a fish before I go crazy!!!!

    I'll let you know a place thats great for pickerel, the cranberry pumping station behind martha furnace on the Oswego river. I never had bad luck there, and it isn't fished a lot because most people don't want to go out of their way that far just to fish someplace. The water is shallow for the...
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    Eastern Cougar Sighting

    Someone else on this site said they have seen one right in that area (can't remember who), I think they said it was near Friendship. I personally believe that they very well could be out there but in small numbers. The experts say it is extinct, but how many times do you hear about them finding...