A tough trip down the Nescochague

Jason Howell

Nov 23, 2009
4.5 miles in 7 and a half hours down the toughest river I have had the pleasure of paddling(or perhaps walking). Started at the Old Bridge and finished up at Batsto Church. There may have been over 100 blow downs on the trip, I lost count. Some evidence of maintenance done 10-20 years ago on a few of the cedars. Someone built a fairly substantial dock towards the end of the journey. Someone else left a full-on propane grill by the only beach on the trip. Found a young beaver skull by the old farm in a wet area full of cut-grass.

The trip would have been easier (but not easy) in kayaks alone but the big canoe is all we had. My dog only had to get out three or four times as we shoved the canoe over blow down after blow down. A few were too steep to keep him in and we didn't need another 60 pounds.

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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
Sounds like quite an adventure with all the blow downs.

An intense workout, really. Guy, Jeff, and I went upstream from Lake Oswego to Sim Place. All told, up and back, we had 120 obstacles to either duck under or pull the vessel over. Super tiring. That was 7 years ago, and I'd not do it again. Too risky on my joints at my age.


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
I did Nescohague from 206 down to Pleasant Mills about 30 years ago.It was a nice run back then once you got to Paradise lake,the first mile was a beast.The river was clear back then and there was poison ivy on everything which is unusual for a barrens stream.I managed to get only s light case..
Bob I"ve been wanting to do that upper Oswego stretch.I made it up to papoose Branch one time but never further. If it's too tough for you it's probably too tough for me.just got my shoulder xrayed yesterday,might need the right one operated on now.

Jason Howell

Nov 23, 2009
That looks like a pretty intense (but fun) trip.

I'd have been nervous bringing that 5D along for the trip. That's not cheap to replace if it falls into the drink.

Yeah, matter there was a close call at one point. The amount of walking we had to do was complicated by the amount of underwater logs that ran the width of the river. That camera has not had an easy life