Piney Boy

Sep 19, 2005
Williamstown, NJ
Dont know who you are as I have never seen you post here before, but apparently you have lots of problems with the pics I have listed. First, its to bad you cant appreciate anything outside of your little world. While I love the Pines, I also love the natural world in general, I guess you dont. If you would have read my quotes you would know were they came from. Second, calling people a variety of names is not polite, I guess its easy to slam others when online huh?
Third, what damage is my friends son doing sitting in a survival hut? I am a Park Ranger and fail to see what you call damage. I have enjoyed all the pics, near and far, people have posted here. Its to bad this rotten apple has soured me on showing more. Usually I get over trollish postings quick enough, so I am sure to return.
So Anon, do not look at my pics or respond to any in the future o.k.
Oh, and one more thing. The bear is in the Pines. If you were as knoweldgable as you want others to believe you would know bear have been spotted in every county in NJ.

Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County

Ok, it seems that unregistered users can comment on photos. So anyone who visits will be able to leave a comment. I deleted a bunch of spam comments and all of the ones that seemed un-cool. I also have it set to email me when a new comment is posted. I have my suspicions where at least some of those comments were coming from...

You can, however, turn off commenting on your albums by clicking on "Properties".

Regarding the photos from outside the Pine Barrens, while they are great they don't belong in the gallery. As I said in the reminder thread, userpics also show up in the random image block on the front page, and it will look weird if there is a desert sunset or an armadillo there. I am more than happy to set you up with your own private image gallery if you need hosting, but I do ask that everyone keep non Pine Barrens photos off the main gallery. I may start deleting the ones that I see.