Apple opposes Judge's order to unlock shooter's phone

Discussion in 'Electronics Insanity' started by Teegate, Feb 17, 2016.

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    DriveSavers (a company that recovers data from failed disk drives) has announced their own service for accessing locked iPhones. Forgot you password? They can unlock your phone.... for only $3900. ;) They can also unlock Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

    But it's funny.... this thread started three years ago when Apple refused to unlock a suspect's iPhone. And today anyone with 3900 bucks can get an iPhone unlocked, in spite of stronger security measures on the newer phones.

    "DriveSavers says it is using "new proprietary technology" to recover data from a passcode-locked devices, a service that has previously been limited to law enforcement agencies and unavailable to the average consumer. It is not known what technology DriveSavers is using to access data on the device"
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    Where is the same outrage against this company as against law enforcement asking the manufacturer to open up a suspects phone with a warrant?