Assemblywoman Katz to Introduce Legislation in Response to DEP’s Plan to Close Roads in Wharton SF

Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County

“Wharton State Forest is one of the best and most beautiful places to spend time in New Jersey. We must protect our woodlands for future generations, but the DEP proposal is far too heavy-handed. Thousands come here each year and closing hundreds of miles of roads is unacceptable,” said Assemblywoman Andrea Katz (D-Chesterfield). “I am introducing legislation that would allow nearby local law enforcement departments to patrol and enforce trespassing and other misuses of our parks.”

“We can protect the Pinelands by empowering local law enforcement rather than overreaching by shutting down roads and public access. The thousands of New Jerseyans who treat the park with respect should not be punished and my plan will ensure they continue to enjoy the same access as in the past, while curbing bad behavior in our parks.”

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